Sinergy Solution has always been very careful about company social commitment and environmental sustainability, target we aim to day by day.

To testify on our continuous will to improve, we are proud members of EcoVadis, regarded as the most reliable platform for environmental sustainability assessment worldwide.

We reckon the importance of a responsible commitment to environment and human resources, reason why we work hard to offer the most sustainable services from all points of view.

EcoVadis: sustainability partner

EcoVadis carefully assesses our action towards ethics, environment, working conditions and supply chain responsibility, when present. This allows us to supervise and improve our performance time after time.

Advantages in adopting a sustainable supply system are many:

Reducing the risk of interrupting the logistic chain

Cost control thanks to energy consumption decrease

Reputation safeguard

Market lead for potential clients who ask for an environmentally-friendly and responsible logistic chain.

The green side of business: companies welcoming sustainability

Today many companies are particularly sensitive to environmental sustainability. For this reason they are daily looking for environmentally-friendly practices and activities, ensuring at the same time extreme transparency in their services.

Nowadays companies are more and more including sustainability criteria in their purchase choices. That means many firms consider not only quality and costs in the products they buy, but their carbon footprint too.

In a more and more aware market, consumers are virtually more inclined to buy from companies reckoned as sustainable, rather than from unknown ones. This highlights how environmental responsibility is not only ethically correct, but also positively influencing brands and customers’ choices.

More and more companies, including ours, are turning to EcoVadis to track and trace environmental, social and governance (ESG) performances, in order to identify possible points for improvement. It is actually a strategic tool for businesses that aim to assess their values, draw aware clients and meet the rising expectations consumers have in terms of sustainability.

The impartial judge evaluating your Company

EcoVadis offers evaluation quality service by using various tools.

The areas involved are: environment, work practice and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchase.

The score given aims to assess how the company sticks to standards, and on this basis, if needed, proceeds with officially signalling what areas still need improvement action.

Not just speed and efficiency: our eco-friendly commitment

Our partnership with EcoVadis fully mirrors our long-term commitment not only in fast delivery, but in environment too. All this allows us to monitor and continually improve our sustainability practices, highlighting how environment respect is core aim of our business.

In Sinergy Solution we believe business must go along with sustainability. It is not just about delivering goods; it is about delivering a better future for all of us.

Participation in EcoVadis is one step more along this way.